How to Identify Your Brain Type & Create Happiness Strategies Best Suited to Your Brain

Dr. Caroline Leaf
3 min readJun 2, 2022

In a recent podcast (episode #387), I talked to world-renowned psychiatrist, brain specialist, 12 times N.Y. Times best-selling author and founder of Amen Clinics Dr. Daniel Amen about his incredible new book You, Happier: The 7 Neuroscience Secrets of Feeling Good Based on Your Brain Type, feeling good based on your brain type, how to discover your brain type, improving your brain health to improve your mood and enhance your happiness, how to become 30% happier in just 30 days, and so much more!

In You, Happier, Dr. Amen shows us how happiness is a brain function. With a healthier brain always comes a happier life! After studying more than 200,000 brain scans of people from 155 countries, Dr. Amen discovered 5 primary brain types and 7 neuroscience secrets that can influence happiness. In You, Happier, he explains them and offers practical, science-based strategies for optimizing your happiness. This amazing book walks you through neuroscience-based habits, rituals, and choices that will boost your mood and help you live each day with clearly defined values, purpose, and goals.

The key thing to understand is that happiness will look different for different people. There is no one thing or trick that will make everyone equally happy — we are all different. Knowing your type of brain can really help you understand what will make you happy and what will stress you out. The question you need to ask yourself is “Am I doing something today that makes me uniquely happy?”

Moreover, understating the brains of your partner, children, friends and colleagues and what makes then happy can improve your communication and relationships. This, in turn, can positively impact your own happiness and mental wellbeing.

This will also help you notice what you like about other people more than what you do not like, which will enhance your social circle and contribute to your happiness. To be happy, you have to give happiness away.

In You, Happier, Dr. Amen also describes how it is also important to optimize the physical function of your brain. A healthy brain is more likely to be a happy brain. One great way to start optimizing your brain health is to ask yourself daily “is this good or bad for my brain?”.

Supplements can also help us feel happier by supporting our brain and body health. Some important nutritional supplements that research…

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