6 Ways to Quiet Your Negative Self-Talk Once and For All

Thoughts are real, physical structures that we build onto the neurons in our brain. Our brain is constantly changing as a result of our experiences and interactions with our environment, which is called neuroplasticity and epigenetics. We really do create matter out of mind!

Unchecked negative thinking causes damage because it upsets the electrical chemical and quantum balance of the brain as the tree-like toxic memories grow — a negative thought such as toxic stress literally looks like a gnarled thorn tree in the brain! This can affect the way we see our lives, thereby impacting what we think, say and do, as well as how we feel physically and mentally.

But if we have negative thoughts wired into our brain, we can wire them out through intentional choices and actions over the next 63 days (roughly the time it takes to build a new habit).

So, what are some ways you can overcome negative thinking?

  1. In order to overcome negative thinking, you must first understand that whenever you think you are changing the physical structure of your brain. Ask yourself why you are thinking what you are thinking. Is it good for you? Should you be focusing on it? Write down these thoughts and develop an internal dialogue with yourself. This process is called self-regulation,and can help you organize your thoughts and bring clarity to a situation.

It is incredibly important to realize that, even though we cannot control our circumstances, we can control our reactions to our circumstances and we can change negative thinking habits!

Mental health expert. I have spent the last 30+ years researching ways to help people manage mental health issues in school, work, and life: drleaf.com

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